July 10, 2023
Chat With Your Data

Chat With Your Data

Conversational analysis over your databases and spreadsheets.

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Effortlessly Analyze Databases and Spreadsheets with Conversational Ease

Conducting conversational analysis across your databases and spreadsheets has never been easier. Introducing the Chat With Your Data plugin, which allows you to effortlessly analyze your data using a text-based chat interface. With this plugin, you can simply ask questions using everyday language and receive insightful answers within seconds, eliminating the need for complex data analysis software. Whether you're a business owner, marketer, or simply someone looking to gain a deeper understanding of your data, Chat With Your Data provides a user-friendly and accessible solution. Furthermore, the inclusion of interactive visualizations enables you to swiftly identify patterns and trends within your data. Bid farewell to perplexing spreadsheets and embrace the world of data insights with Chat With Your Data.

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