July 7, 2023


Introducing ChatOCR: Effortless Text Extraction for All Your Documents

AI Prompt

ChatOCR, the ultimate solution for extracting text from any type of document.

Whether it's a scanned PDF, a photo, or even handwritten notes, ChatOCR harnesses the power of OCR technology to make reading text a breeze.

With ChatOCR, accessing text content from scanned PDFs, photos, and handwriting becomes incredibly simple and convenient. All you have to do is provide a URL link to the image or document you want to extract text from, and ChatOCR will take care of the rest.

Gone are the days of laboriously transcribing documents by hand. Thanks to ChatOCR, you can effortlessly read the text content of your documents without any manual effort. Say farewell to time-consuming tasks and embrace the efficiency of ChatOCR.

Additionally, ChatOCR offers a direct line of communication to the developer team, allowing you to provide feedback or make feature requests. This ensures that ChatOCR continues to improve and cater to your needs.

Experience the future of text extraction today with ChatOCR. Bid farewell to manual transcription and embrace the convenience and efficiency it brings to your document reading experience.

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