July 8, 2023
Code Runner

Code Runner

Visualize and save code with support for 70+ programming languages.

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Code Runner: Seamlessly Compile, Save, and Visualize Code in Chat!

Introducing Code Runner, the ultimate solution for compiling and saving your code while effortlessly creating visualizations in chat. With support for a whopping 70 programming languages, this plugin eliminates the need for constantly switching windows. Just remember to use lowercase language codes when inputting your code.

With Code Runner, you can compile and save your code right here in the chat, without any hassle. Need to save documents or files? Simply utilize the 'upload' endpoint. And when you want to retrieve them later, just use the 'download' endpoint.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of juggling multiple applications. Code Runner streamlines your coding experience, making it a breeze to code within the chat environment. Give it a try and enjoy coding with ease!

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