July 7, 2023
Creative Mind

Creative Mind

Unleash your imagination with Creative Mind, turning text prompts into visual masterpieces.

AI Prompt

Unleash your imagination and let Creative Mind take your text prompts to new artistic heights!

This incredible plugin effortlessly transforms your prompts into awe-inspiring visual masterpieces. By simply providing three properties—prompt, n, and size—you can witness the magic unfold.

Craft your prompts with precision, ensuring they contain all the essential context within a concise 1000-character limit. The more specific, the better! With Creative Mind, you have the flexibility to generate either a single or four stunning images for each prompt, catering to your unique requirements.

Choose from three size options—'256x256', '512x512', or '1024x1024'—to ensure your images are created at the perfect dimensions. Whether you seek intricate details or broader strokes, Creative Mind delivers uncompromising quality and captivating diversity.

Unleash the full potential of your imagination and leave a lasting impression on your customers with the extraordinary visuals brought to life by Creative Mind!

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