September 18, 2023
Job Cover Letter

Job Cover Letter

I'll create an ATS-friendly cover letter for your job application, suitable for email or LinkedI

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Effortless Cover Letter Creation with our Job Cover Letter Plugin

Introducing our Job Cover Letter plugin, your reliable partner in crafting a compelling and ATS-friendly cover letter for your job pursuit. Whether you possess a job posting link or not, the plugin will guide you through a series of essential inquiries to formulate a distinctive and substantive cover letter.

You have the option to effortlessly upload your resume using the provided link or directly input your content into the chat interface. The plugin will analyze the text from your uploaded resume or your input and automatically retrieve pertinent personal and professional details from both your resume and the job description. It will then generate a meticulously organized and authentic cover letter. Once you've made all the desired adjustments, you can conveniently download the final version of your cover letter.

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