July 8, 2023


Create Python, SQL, and Markdown notebooks to analyze, visualize, and collaborate on data.

AI Prompt

Empowering Data Exploration and Collaboration with Python, SQL, and Markdown Notebooks

Introducing Noteable, a versatile plugin for Python, SQL, and Markdown notebooks that enables you to explore, visualize, and effortlessly share data. With Noteable, you can seamlessly create and execute notebooks, incorporating code snippets, markdown content, and SQL cells. The Noteable UI empowers you to configure RBAC permissions, manage environment variables and secrets, and define data sources. Notably, this powerful tool supports top-level async-await functionality and allows you to display images from disk using IPython.display.Image with the embed=True option. Whenever you require a secure and user-friendly approach to write Python code and distribute your notebooks, Noteable is the ideal choice.

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