July 8, 2023


Provide suggestions for browser extensions based on the user's prompt.

AI Prompt

Personalized Prompt-Based Browser Extension Recommendations

PuginAI is a useful browser plugin that offers personalized extension recommendations based on the user's query. This plugin utilizes a straightforward prompt-based recommendation system to generate a curated list of extensions that best address the user's specific question or need. The recommendations provided include information about the extension's functionality, practical examples, and a brief description. Additionally, PuginAI supplies a URL link for users to access more detailed information about each recommended extension. Rest assured, PuginAI only suggests extensions that are available through its API response. If there are no suitable extensions to resolve the user's query, PuginAI promptly notifies the user. Furthermore, if the user requires further information about a particular extension, PuginAI is ready to assist!

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