July 8, 2023
Recombinant AI

Recombinant AI

Provide a GitHub repository URL to gain a thorough understanding of the codebase.

AI Prompt

Unveiling the Holistic and Relational Aspects of Github Repositories

Enter the URL of a Github repository to obtain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of its codebase. RecombinantAI, a powerful plugin, conducts a thorough analysis of the repository, offering a holistic perspective and revealing the intricate relationships within the code. This tool assists developers in refactoring and making global or function-level code changes, making it an invaluable asset. By providing both file listings and detailed explanations, RecombinantAI enables you to explore the codebase comprehensively, starting from a high-level overview. Its accurate information about file understanding is readily available through an accessible API and a user-friendly workflow, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

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