July 8, 2023


Summarizes long podcasts, extracts key info, highlights points, suggests new episodes.

AI Prompt

Transforming Long Podcasts into Summaries, Extracting Key Points, and Recommending New Episodes

The ShowNotes plugin is a versatile tool that transforms lengthy podcasts into concise summaries, extracts key points, and provides targeted information. This plugin efficiently locates and presents specific details based on user requests. It can also generate content tailored to individual speakers and identify popular themes across various podcast transcripts. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with the API to recommend podcast episodes aligned with the user's interests and provides an overall breakdown of the transcript to enhance comprehension of the episode's content. ShowNotes offers three endpoints, enabling users to retrieve a transcript from the Shownotes app, discover related YouTube shows, and obtain the transcript of a YouTube video using the specified video ID.

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