July 10, 2023
Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes

Discover recipe ideas, meal plans and cooking tips from Tasty's millions of users!

AI Prompt

Explore a world of culinary inspiration with Tasty's vast community of users!

Discover an array of recipe ideas, meal plans, and valuable cooking tips. Integrate the Tasty Recipes plugin into your platform to effortlessly offer your users a wealth of food and drink recipes. Whether they're seeking meal plan options or simply craving delectable dishes and refreshing beverages, this plugin has you covered. For varied results, feel free to include descriptive words in your queries. If a user requests a recipe or recipes, provide a concise summary along with the recipe link, if available in the API. Rest assured, there's no need to concoct fictional recipes, links, ingredients, or instructions. When explicitly asked, share specific ingredients or instructions with users. This plugin is the ideal addition for chatbots focused on cooking and all things food-related!

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