July 6, 2023
Web Requests

Web Requests

Goodbye cutoff, hello web! Just enter a URL. Google, Wiki, GitHub.

AI Prompt

Farewell, Knowledge Cutoff! Greetings, World! Presenting the AI assistant's web browser. Simply provide a URL and explore Google, Wikipedia, GitHub, and more.

Web Requests, a remarkable plugin, functions as an AI assistant's web browser. It serves as a gateway to retrieve content from URLs, offering users real-time and up-to-date global information. This includes searching news, conducting research on various topics, querying HTTP endpoints, and even extracting data from HTML sources. With Web Requests, users gain effortless access to valuable data for their research, projects, or simply satisfying their curiosity. Just enter a URL, and the AI assistant will effortlessly analyze any returned data, regardless of its format. Bid farewell to the limitations of knowledge cutoff and embrace a world of boundless possibilities!

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